Valerie Augros has an extensive experience in personal injury matters and in holiday accident claims.

She is used to represent and to assist individuals (and their insurers) when they sustain personal injuries, whether the incident occurs in France or abroad. She regularly advises British citizens who sustain physical injuries during their journey in France.

She defends personal injury claims including:

  • Holiday accidents claims (falling in hotel, accident in residence, etc.)
  • Sports accidents claims (ski, horse riding, cycling, etc.)
  • Leisure accidents claims (accident while visiting amusement park, accidents with rollers, accidents on the beach, etc.)
  • Road traffic accidents claims
  • Transport accidents claims (aircraft, train, chairlift, etc.)
  • Medical negligence claims
  • Disaster, intentional and non-intentional criminal offences

She also assists travelers for any kind of incidents which may have occurred during their journey.