The law firm

Prior to setting-up a law firm in 2014 mainly dedicated to travel and aviation law, Valérie Augros worked for ten years in business law and commercial dispute resolution.

She deals with legal issues encountered by travel and aviation professionals and she assists and represents them in their daily activities. She offers travel industry professionals with proper advice when they commence trading (choice of structure, memorandum and articles of association, special regulations, etc.) as well as when they wish to develop their businesses (distribution agreements, promotion agreements, on-line selling, etc.). She further assists them in pre-contentious situations and also in dispute resolution.

She intervenes also largely in business law to advise the entrepreneurs and companies in their activities or their case resolution.

She also developed for more than ten years a niche activity in assisting both French and foreign travellers who sustained physical injuries or incidents of any nature during their journey or transport whether in France or abroad.

International network

Valérie Augros intervenes before all appropriate courts to defend victims of accidents of any nature (whether collective accidents or not) irrespective of the place of the accident. To this end, she is member of various lawyers' networks, including the Franco-British Lawyers Society.

Given the growing international aspect of personal injury matters, she decided to join the international network PEOPIL.

PEOPIL is the Pan European Organisation of Personal Injury Lawyers. This not-for-profit organisation was set up in 1996. It promotes judicial cooperation and knowledge of European legal systems in personal injury matters.

Valérie Augros also deals with numerous matters in the aviation sector. She recently joined the EALA (European Air Law Association). This association gathers not only lawyers but also people interested in air law.