Valérie Augros takes part in the Peopil Conference on RTAs

It is with impatience that Valérie Augros will take part in the conference on road traffic accidents organised by PEOPIL which will be held in Thessaloniki (in Greece) on June 15 and 16.

She was invited to speak with her colleagues Paschalis Moschos (from Greece) and Ben Dominguez (from Texas) on motor insurance indemnity limits, comparing the legal systems in force in their respective countries.

Given the great disparities existing between the various legal systems of compensation in the case of road traffic accidents, it is not surprising that the limits of compensation possibly provided for by insurance policies vary significantly depending on whether one is in France, Greece or Texas…

Find the program: https://www.peopil.com/conferences/joint-conference-of-the-occupational-health-and-rta-eegs/